If you’ve found your way to this page, you may be wondering if therapy might be helpful for someone in your situation.

For most of our lives, we navigate life’s ebbs and flows, dealing with them the best way we know how.  Many of us have learned healthy coping skills, and we may also be fortunate to have good support systems.

However, sometimes life evolves in such a way that, for whatever reason, we find ourselves unable to manage our circumstances.  Maybe our usual coping skills are not helpful, and/or our normal support systems are unavailable.  Maybe we’re experiencing multiple major life events converging at the same time.  In these situations, professional assistance can be effective, and therapists are trained to offer this.  You can find information about my background and training on the About the Therapist page.

If you’d like to explore how therapy might be helpful for your situation, please go to the Contact page to request a free, 30-minute consultation. By discussing your needs, we can determine whether therapy would be helpful, or if there are other resources that might be more appropriate.

Thank you for visiting this site.  My hope is that, whether it’s therapy, or some other form of help, you will find what you need.